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In fact, more than 30% of physicians do not have the time to provide enough information about prescribed medication to their patients during office visits. Also, about 60% of patients say they forget to ask questions during their visits. Today many patients simply don't entirely rely on their doctor for answers to every question.

We provide important "must-to-know" facts about commonly used medications, including strict contraindications, clinically significant drug interactions, and drug alternatives. On our pages you can find lucid explanations when the use of certain medication is most appropriate and in what situations it should be totally avoided.

All content is original and created with the extensive use of special medical literature such as Physicians’ Desk Reference, PDR Supplements and Companion Guides, latest editions of Merck Manuals, Lexi-Comp's Reference Handbooks and publications in medical journals.

All pages contain "References" section, so you can verify the reliability of the provided information.

OriginalDrugs is NOT affiliated with any manufacturer or pharmaceutical company.

Our website is only an additional resource of health and medical information that you may use for your education. All questions regarding specific medical condition should be addressed to a qualified healthcare provider.


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Last updated: April 04, 2013