Spironolactone (Aldactone) for Hair Loss

Spironolactone (Aldactone), an aldosterone antagonist with antiandrogenic properties, decreases the synthesis of testosterone (and its metabolite dihydrotestosterone) and blocks the action of testosterone at the hair follicle. For these reasons, spironolactone is useful in female pattern hair loss1. It is beneficial in women who also have hirsuitism. However, the FDA has not labeled spironolactone for the treatment of hair loss.

Spironolactone dose for hair loss in women: 100 to 200 mg daily.

Spironolactone dramatically slows down the hair loss in women, but only slightly stimulates hair regrowth. In the study2 women with female pattern hair loss were receiving antiandrogen medications (spironolactone or cyproterone acetate) during a minimum of 12 months. 44% women had hair regrowth and 44% women had no progression of their hair loss.

Warning! Spironolactone is not used in male androgenetic alopecia because of the risk of feminization.

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Author: OriginalDrugs Team
Last reviewed: February, 2015

  • The same hormones can cause hair loss on the scalp and hair growth elsewhere. It is possible because different hair follicles have different hormone receptors.