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Patient Barriers to Doctor's Care

Traditional madical care is costly and time consuming. People who are in need for medical care face many barriers:

  • Cost! For a routine prescription or to answer even the simplest medical questions, patients must usually make an office visit.
  • Problem getting a timely appointment: many people have difficulty finding a doctor, scheduling an appointment and taking time from work for a traditional office visit.
  • Problems contacting doctor or nurse by phone or e-mail: doctors are difficult to reach outside their offices. Most physicians do not use telephones or e-mail to communicate with patients.
  • Doctor is too far away: rural patients must often travel long distances to see a primary care physician and face even more problems finding specialists.
  • Renewing the prescription: somtimes, when people attempt to refill a prescription, the pharmacy will not refill the medication without permission from the prescribing physician.

Many people usually want more information about their health condition and medication than they receive from their doctors. So, our visitors can read useful and hard-to-find drug information.

Last updated: February, 2015

Good to know
  • Hand-written prescriptions are a major source of medical errors and subsequent adverse drug events.